What Make fiberglass doors Don’t Want You To Know

fiberglass doors

On thenit’s time to use the thermal baths youneed to dilute the product using a to ratio but remember to mix only whatyou need as the cleaner has an activelife of just four hours it’s alsoimportant to make sure that you’veconnected.

The drain line of the FDC tothe return line of the thermal bath thenit’s a case of soaking and flooding thecoil with the coil cleaner it takes minutes to digest the cleaner so werecommend using this time to clean abovethe FDC and complete any other tasks asper the scope of works after all a happycustomer keeps coming back time andagain having allowed.

The product todigest for minutes it’s then a caseof rinsing the unit using the gurneyhaving rinsed with the gurney andallowed the unit to dry so there’s nosurface water it’s time to apply thetreatment still with your mask on ofcourse as the product has a high alcoholcontent check that.

There are no nakedflames or pilot lights before you beginif the area is clear then you can goahead and start the trip having appliedand replaced the fan it’s time to insertthe drain pan tablets this is vital inensuring the ongoing efficient operationof the unit as the tablets stop the flowof buildup of sludge and foreign matterif you don’t insert them dirty waterflooding can occur and spoil theproducts in the corum.

Then it’s time toapply the surface treatmentyouif the client has requested disinfectionas part of the scope of works now is thetime to carry it out to do this yousimply use the gurney to clean the wallsand floor remember this is somethingthat the client has paid extra for sowhen you are finished step back andcheck it as if you were the client thisway.

You’re guaranteed a happy customersanitization is similar to thedisinfection process except that havingcleaned the walls you then apply thesurface treatment to them well doneyou’ve completed the job and now it’stime to turn the unit on to ensure thesystem is working don’t take shortcutson this if it takes a few minutes to becertain its operating then invest thetime after that it’s a case of showingthe custom of the work you’ve done andpopping on the six-month remindersticker thanks for what.

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